Balancing Energy Supply and Decarbonization

TG America is committed to achieving both stable energy supply and decarbonization. We commercialize and monetize businesses in across the energy spectrum while leveraging value chain flexibility to address market volatility and maintain a stable supply of energy. As a global leader in the sophisticated use of LNG, we are committed to developing technologies for decarbonizing gas and electricity, and investment in renewables.

Tokyo Gas Group Commitment

Tokyo Gas has set a goal to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 and has laid out a roadmap, the Compass Action plan, to tackle this challenge. The plan includes expanding the use of natural gas and renewable energy, such as fuel switching, increasing the use of solar and wind power, and developing smart energy networks. Tokyo Gas also aims to decarbonize gas by developing methanation technologies for synthesizing methane from CO2 and hydrogen produced using renewable energy, and decarbonizing electricity by developing and commercializing advanced technologies such as floating offshore wind power.

Tokyo Gas has formulated a new Management Philosophy consisting of their Purpose – Standing by every person and dedicating ourselves to the society, we shall be the energy that weaves the future – and four Values: Challenge, Responsibility, Respect, and Sincerity. The company aims to broaden the scope of the persons they stand by and the society to which they dedicate themselves by weaving together natural gas and diverse energies to achieve a sustainable future. Tokyo Gas will continue to innovate and maximize technologies on both the supply and demand sides of their businesses to responsibly lead the transition to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.

providing energy and energy solutions for future
lifestyles, society, and the earth

Working to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Tokyo Gas Group prioritizes sustainability as a core management challenge and has established a committee to promote sustainability management across the entire group. The group specifies key sustainability issues by evaluating stakeholder expectations and the social impact of their business. In 2019, new materialities were identified, which have been organized into three categories: “Leadership in the effort to achieve Net-Zero CO2 and continuing to create customer value while ensuring stable supply and energy access,” “Sound relationships with society,” and “Actions as a responsible company.” The group enhances their activities and initiatives by setting targets and assessing performance for each materiality.

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Moving on to the next stage in realizing a sustainable society

Today, the Tokyo Gas Group confronts dramatic changes in the business environment, changes that raise many issues related to decarbonization, digitalization, diversification of customers, and deregulation in the energy market.

To meet these changes head-on and remain as a corporate group integral to society, we have delineated a new Group’s Management Philosophy. Acting as a driving force for achieving a sustainable society, we will constantly strive to build the future of people’s lives, communities, and our planet under our new Group’s Management Philosophy.

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