Our Team

Responsibly Leading the Energy Transition

Tokyo Gas America is committed to investing in innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Our responsible leadership leverages cutting-edge technology and value chain flexibility to drive the transition to a more sustainable future while meeting the evolving energy needs of its customers.

Meet our CEO – Akira Inukai

I am extremely honored to become the president and CEO of Tokyo Gas America Ltd.  We celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, and I am excited to lead our operations in the United States, a market that holds immense opportunities for growth and innovation.

We continue to leverage our extensive global network and local expertise to seize emerging opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and drive impactful investments. This focus goes beyond reinforcing our existing businesses as we pursue creative ways to generate value and to address the evolving needs of our stakeholders across the Americas.

We believe our success is built on cooperation and trust with stakeholders. Guided by our Group’s Management Philosophy of “Standing by every person and dedicating ourselves to the society, we shall be the energy that weaves the future,” we will strive towards our mission to build the future of people’s lives, communities, and the planet.